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View Thread: Apples beats estimates - MS cuts 5000 jobs
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    jamie said:
    dazla-d said:
    yes i guess that explains it.

    if you ignore only 20% business adoption 

    if you ignore uptake only on regular - pc unit (forced) adoption (not many willing upgrades)

    and if you ignore the 4 articles I linked too.


    edit - sorry.  i really dont like fighting with 9ers.  just arguing with them Smiley
    Business adoption and Windows revenue are not the same - most business don't buy new windows versions, they have the rights to use it within their volume agreements. Adoption and revenue are not the same, in the short term. Renewing agreements can be linked to revenue, but it is too early for Vista to have an impact there.

    Check out the history as to how many people actually pay to upgrade Windows vs buy a new PC with the latest Windows on it. Very few, it's an edge case. Did you pay to upgrade to whatever you're running, or did you buy a new PC?

    in terms of getting to be a classic user - why not go fish out a w9x PC off ebay and have lots of retro fun, huh