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View Thread: Apples beats estimates - MS cuts 5000 jobs
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    intelman said:
    Microsoft needs to lower the price of Windows and Office.

    I simply did not buy Office 2007 because "The Ultimate Steal" didn't work for me. They claim only one sale per household. My roommate got to the ultimate steal before I did. We have the same address... so Microsoft lost my sale.

    Windows is too much money as well. We'll see how much we will have to pay for 3 years worth of upgrade. Vista = 5 years worth of upgrade for $319 still quite steep.

    Lets face it, everyone wants ultimate because of the shadowcopying and un deleting.

    Microsoft needs to make products that work, are attractive, fair priced, easy to obtain.

    Alternatively, a decent office suite for 79 .
    An Ultimate non Upgrade OS for 129.

    999 Macbook or an 2000 dollar Macbook Pro, same price as what I paid for my Inspiron 1520....

    That route is looking good now. I can't stand the plastic, poor quality of my Dell, can't afford these software upgrades. I will spend the money for something I believe makes more sense. Microsoft can't compete for my business right now.
    Do more people buy it just because it's cheaper? Would you buy it for 99$ instead of 391$? - and be honest.