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View Thread: Apples beats estimates - MS cuts 5000 jobs
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    This isn't a really deal. Over-estimate, under-estimate, just playing with numbers. Hell, too much growth sometimes results in stock drop. This kind of things are really hard to say what is good and what is bad.

    But, the more concerning thing I am seeing is that MS is getting old. Now, most people wants a Mac as a trend. I feel like I am those Linux people dissing Windows, but I am dissing Mac. No matter how older generation thinks that new OS is not really that good and blah blah blah, the fact is that Windows become mainstream in the end. Many aspect of cons are overlooked when a new OS is on a roll. I am seeing this to Mac. As I firmly grab my Windows, Mac is getting more and more popular. And for most people, they don't care about backward compatibility. They don't care if Windows has more software. They simply believe Mac has what they need.

    Not only Windows is getting old. IE is getting old, the ability to install crapware to destroy IE is just bad. And IE8 doesn't really work with Channel9, hummm.... Worst of all, MS is afraid of making things big. Always hiding, like PhotoSynth, Song Smith, Live Mesh, and more. No one knows about it, except that Song Smith has the lamest video to be infamouse. Particularly IE and WMP are stop getting better, probably due to EU money sucking abilities.

    And then, the stretagy of staying behind. I am pretty sure MS could make SkyLine long before AppStore, but they choose to let compatitors do it first. Probably another legal issue work around.

    All in all, I fear MS is getting old. Without reinvent Windows and other products, only improvement is not going to keep up with current standard.