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View Thread: Apples beats estimates - MS cuts 5000 jobs
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    jamie said:
    rjdohnert said:
    whatever.  i have 7 still installed. i know how to "work it".  Im not afraid of change.

    i find many things changed are not improvements.  just more layers added.

    and my friends (all of whom USED to install the newest windows betas) wont go near 7 or vista.

    they "have work to do".   But all my friends are designers / musicians - with huge files.
    They use UP Tongue Out  no time to read.

    At least 7 is getting good press.

    PS - i get MAD when MS loses.  i actually do like MS. (go figure)

    PPS - they all have tried vista and removed it - and i have shown them 7 which they view as the same thing.
    Take that as you may.  But if you want more than 20% adoption this time - re-think the changes from xp to V/7

    surely i cannot be the only one who liked 95,98,98se,2000 and xp - of which vista and 7 hardly resemble/work like anymore. You may remember those versions. The ones that SOLD alot.

    I know buddy [pats jamie on back] I feel your pain.  It does seem they are choosing the Apple approach, and no Im not talking about the "dock" Im referring to the form over function approach.  You should set up a lab for them, install 7 on a box and let them come over and test their stuff.  It also allows you to hang out with the boys.  "The Jamie Grant Usability Lab".

    Yeah the news this morning kind of bummed me out.  I hate Apple right down to their core.  You know the Apple community and Linux community were cheering the news this morning.

    Anywho, hows your sister and the rest of the family?  Kids doing OK?