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View Thread: Apples beats estimates - MS cuts 5000 jobs
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    Bass said:
    jamie said:
    No operating system Microsoft will ever put out will be more of a "market success" then Windows 95 was. Windows 95 made the Windows monopoly. All Windows 7 could possibly do is "maintain" the status quo.

    But anyway I don't think Windows 7 will reverse the downward trend of Windows's dominance. I think in the future OEMs will have a much bigger part in the development of software, kind of like how it was before the Windows monopoly. Stuff like the HP Mini netbook and Dell netbooks are evidence of this.
    i agree - but to many - XP was the final - 98se + 2000 done right OS.

    *didnt like luna? there were REAL themes.

    maybe it was just too good. 

    *there are some who think that new coke was just a ploy all along - take away coke???  oh here it is back!

    Im just saying bring back Coke.   Then you can work on the remaining things people have issues with:
    Versions, pricing, WGA.  Personally ive given up going on about those.  I just want Coke back. - and yes they are - sort of getting there