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    I've given up on anything to that regard ever happening with Live ID. I've been waiting for the ability to merge accounts since forever, and I think they posted that this was "coming" once... several years ago.

    It's pretty annoying, since most Live features that deal with contacts are now useless to me. I have one Live ID for my messenger accounts, and another one for everything else. I really want to keep using the 'everything else' Live ID and just change my messenger account to use that ID too.. But I'm stuck using the old Live ID for all messenger related tasks.

    This is especially annoying now that you have to log in to some webste to change certain messenger settings... I'm already logged in to all websites using the other ID, so I get the "you are already logged in with another Live ID" message. Which gives me the option to change ID's, but that never works. I have to delete all cookies to actually log out of all Live ID services and websites, log in using Messenger's Live ID, change a setting, delete all cookies again, and log back in to all Live ID services with my other account. User friendly!