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    "Have you ever, ever felt like this. When strange things happen. Are you going round the twist."

    I just wanted to mention a poor experience with Windows Live ID, in particular Windows Live ID "rename" - yes there is such a function. It will allow you, in most cases, to change your Live ID e-mail address - but only if that e-mail address is outside the domain of Hotmail or Llive - to my knowledge.

    The problem is, now many days after, the Live ID is now in a strange state of limbo where it superficially appears to have changed and indeed, it is possible to login with this new Live ID, but it hasn't really fully changed. That manifests itself in that e.g. Windows Live Messenger does not update contacts so they get the new address. Instead it appears to all contacts that my new Live ID is offline and vice versa. It manifests itself in that Windows Live does not allow me to have full control over editing certain entities like music and movies.

    Just a word of warning as I've now reported it to the Live ID newsgroup and to their support but if you are considering it, be mindful of this risk. It looks like I'll have to disengage from this defect ID and create a new account and new matching gmail account alongside with it (I dare not reuse the old one out of angst to foobar the system even more).