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View Thread: So in '7 ready for your desktop?
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    Sabot said:
    jamie said:
    Fair comment Jamie.

    Is '7 enough to get people off XP? I can't answer that. Is improving alot of features radical enough now? I'm wondering if '7 needs to walk on water!.

    It's all evolutions in '7 ... perhaps it's a revolution thats needed?

    However, I prefer '7 to XP but that's just my preference based on no real fact other than it seems better performing in a lot of ways. This just proves the point that everyone will have an important killer reason to want to upgrade, Microsoft's challenge will be to communicate them. Upgrading cos XP is going out of support is a lame reason.
    Evolution vs Revolution: I'd love to see Microsoft shake up the whole file system/task bar/desktop/window paradigm, as has been hinted to for a future Windows version a couple of times. I'm not sure if they could afford it right now. Deservedly or not, Windows' reputation is damaged after Vista, and shaking up everything and throwing compatibility out the door might be enough to finally drive people to Linux and Mac so that they have something that at least remotely resembles what they were used to.
    Maybe Microsoft needs to reaffirm Windows' reputation with one or two strong Windows releases again, so that they'll at least have the confidence of the user again when they try something new.