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    La Bomba said:
    jamie said:
    It just seems with even Linux users saying Win7 is great, the big technology columnists Mossberg, Pogue all saying positive things about Win7; it seems you are in the minority.

    The word is Win7 is great, wake up and smell the to speak Wink
    The word is Win7 is great, wake up and smell the to speak

    It's great that people think W7 is going to be a success... and as an MS developer/reseller, I sure hope it is... but that should not stop anyone from criticising the product... particularly in the Beta-phase... when you are supposed to be critical.

    Just because everyone agrees that you are wrong, doesn't mean that you are... and there is a serious "naked emperor" syndrome that surrounds much of what journalists/bloggers write... all too often they write that something is good (or bad) because they are then in agreement with their peers, and hence that makes them respected journalists/bloggers... but it only takes one to stand up and call it as it really is, for them all to change their tune.

    That's not to suggest W7 is a shiny turd or that everyone is being deluded from the "truth" ...but questioning what others say and having a different point of view is not a bad thing... and it sure as hell beats blindly accepting what others say or accepting what you read on the internet as fact.