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View Thread: So in '7 ready for your desktop?
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    La Bomba said:
    jamie said:

    Most prefer XP? Why don't you wait until 7 comes out before making that call. First you liked Win 7 now you don't? You're more confusing than raymond. Unfortunately there's more to an operating system than an "UP" button.

    Myself I'm running Windows 7 on my tablet, main desktop and Macbook. Very stable, very fast, kills Vista in terms of memory management and doesn't look all fisher price like xp.

    aw the old fisher price argument.

    Ever watch Discovery Daily Planet?  I see XP on the scientist's machines they interview everyday. Thats product placement.  Of couse you see macs in things too - just not on the scientist's computers on discovery daily planet.

    which in all cases ...are luna.