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    Sabot said:
    Erisan said:
    Fair comment Erisan.

    I often think that the different between Windows and Linux users & developers is good old fashion human preference.

    For example, I'm happy to surrender control and let things happen on my behalf, why my friend Alan isn't, he needs to know what everything is doing , he needs to play with settings and install software and try to find the best combination of things. Alan does like to utterly control his computer and doesn't wish to wrestle with it. Fortunately Beer is more important than computers in our friendship.

    Another Alan, Alan Cooper to be exact, wrote about this in his book about Developers, The Inmates are Running the Asylum, It's call the 'Jetway test' on page 94!

    Google">,M1">Google Books has the page here. (Please note the Google Books doesn't work for me in IE8)

    I have to say but perhaps it's an age thing, when I was younger I wanted to go into the cockpit so bad, now I don't care just want a comfy seat.
    Oh, this is interesting. Just got finished testing out Ubuntu 8.10 a couple of weeks ago. Quite good once they fixed the drivers for my wireless card (Realtek 8187B Wireless USB LAN) in the kernel. That wasn't fixed in 8.04 LTS. But, my MP3 player (Sansa e280 and a 8 GB Clip) didn't like Unix line endings in the ID3 tags. My MP3-encoded songs wouldn't show up properly in the player no matter what I did, nor how I entered the tags. Spent two full days of my vacation working on it. Guess the developers still have some reverse engineering to do.

    Finally, went back to Vista. Took me a day to switch back and lost none of my data. Clip works perfectly with my saved wma music.

    I've switched OS's so often, as my hardware purchases have dictated, that I"ve gotten quite good at installation and configuration. I'm getting older, and I'm getting to the point where I want everything to just work. Tweaking is becoming a disease of some sorts (chuckle), but in this example to follow, it still helps to know what to do.

    I do miss Novell Evolution's outgoing email filters. However, I've got a bought copy of Barca from PocoSystems that DOES have that feature. Problem is, it only is written for XP (and works fine there), but definitely not Vista (and soon you'll see why). There isn't any entry for Barca in the Default Programs list, but it does show up in the Start Menu after manually setting it in the Start Menu's Properties. When you go to the Options dialog box, there are two buttons for setting Barca as the default email client and the default news client. They dim when pressed, but upon subsequent runs of the email client, they are not dimmed, like the choice didn't take somewhere.

    In the past, that was a problem with no resolution. Now I don't care so much.

    One thing Vista/7 is moving toward is better application security, like Linux has, and I'm all for that. So, because of the blocks on writing anywhere in the Registry that Vista has, it was a bit of a trouble re-installing Barca (turn off UAC/reboot/install Barca as Administrator on an Administrator account with "XP sp2 compatibility flag" turned on/import my mail from Thunderbird & my contacts from ldif files/set Barca as default email client from within Barca/install mozex 1.9.9 on Firefox to get the mailto: tags working (that's Firefox's fault)/turn UAC back on/reboot).

    Everything works fine now. I wouldn't have done this switch, but I did some research and there is a new beta being tested for Barca, which will greatly increase its Vista compatibility (please, please, please), among other features. But, Barca works the way I think, so the trouble is worth it.

    Now, here's a question: Is there any way to see what's going on with how this program installs itself, like a network sniffer for installs? It would be interesting to see what's going on. I'm beta testing Windows 7, and by all accounts, it's far more stable that a beta has a right to be. I've heard of lots of you, and Paul Thurott too, using Windows 7 exclusively, even on your primary machines. That intrigues me. But, how would an upgrade install from Vista to Windows 7 damage Barca's (somewhat kludgy) Vista install?