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View Thread: So in '7 ready for your desktop?
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    La Bomba said:
    jamie said:
    What the hell does discovery planet have to do with anything?

    Give me a valid reason why XP is better than 7 besides lame crap like "UP" and some other minor squabbles you usually come up with.

    You can't complain about UAC anymore, Win7 is a lot more user friendly than Vista.\

    Jamie you're a 32-bit user in a 64-bit world, you are obsolete my friend. Quit playing with lego when you can play with real materials.
    why should i give you a reason after posting that reason already?  multiple times. too many times.
    you seriously dont know my reasons?  by now?  after 4-5 years? after re-iterating all of them after dismal ms layoffs and continuing market share loss - across most categories?

    also - if you think i do not know how to work new things you are mistaken. i just do not put up with garbage - masquarading as new