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    Erisan said:
    Sabot said:
    I want to make clear that as in "normal use" I like Windows 7 a lot. It works fine (except my Radeon 9250 is not supported anymore) and I can do my developing work with it; test that multi-platform software compiles and works ok (using GTK+/Qt).

    As a geek Linux gives me free hands to modify the whole system as I like it to be. For example I'm able to install Debian over the network and run Wayland/XOrg with my own XCB-based window manager on it. It's more like having fun and learn about computers and operating systems, discuss with developers about the code and undestand what is going on in projects.
    To me Windows is a huge black box that I'm not able to modify in any sane/safe way.

    I'm doing Linux developing as my full-time job so one could say I'm biased. Well... maybe I am Wink
    Fair comment Erisan.

    I often think that the different between Windows and Linux users & developers is good old fashion human preference.

    For example, I'm happy to surrender control and let things happen on my behalf, why my friend Alan isn't, he needs to know what everything is doing , he needs to play with settings and install software and try to find the best combination of things. Alan does like to utterly control his computer and doesn't wish to wrestle with it. Fortunately Beer is more important than computers in our friendship.

    Another Alan, Alan Cooper to be exact, wrote about this in his book about Developers, The Inmates are Running the Asylum, It's call the 'Jetway test' on page 94!

    Google">,M1">Google Books has the page here. (Please note the Google Books doesn't work for me in IE8)

    I have to say but perhaps it's an age thing, when I was younger I wanted to go into the cockpit so bad, now I don't care just want a comfy seat.