jamie said:
PaoloM said:
xp - eww.

yes convice yourself of that - contrary to market numbers that show most prefer it

* to dream.... the impossible ..dream .... (music notes etc )
I had to reinstall an old laptop with XP recently (a friend whose laptop has died wanted to borrow it). It was terrible. Several times I was looking for stuff and couldn't find it because I'd gotten used to the Vista way. I kept trying to find the breadcrumbs bar but all it had was a completely useless Up button Wink. Several times I did the press win-key, start typing trick out of habit (which is how I launch the stuff in Vista that isn't in the MRU list of the start menu), and that failed of course. One time I accidentally logged off by doing that.

XP was a great OS for its time, but that time is over. I wouldn't go back even if you paid me (ok, it depends on how much you want to pay Tongue Out )