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View Thread: So in '7 ready for your desktop?
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    vesuvius said:

    I too have dual hard drives as a virtual machine is just underpants performance wise. You need a proper install to appreciate the OS.

    I have tested development with the express editions and they are working great. There is no way this OS can fail, as it is quite polished now.

    Being an admirer of ObjectDock, what do you think of the new taskbar? I know the start button still exists, but have things improved in general?

    I love my ObjectDockPlus ... so much so I ditch the Taskbar and the Start button and created a whole bunch of tabs. I found I had loads more screen.

    With '7 I find myself not missing the Dock so much, I don't know why? I'm not as organised perhaps it's too early so I'm still in 'rose-tinted glasses' mode. Hmmm, ask me that question again in afew weeks.

    Yep I had a dual boot ... but the point I wanted to get across is that I'm not doing that any more. I only have one OS on my laptop and that is '7 !