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View Thread: So in '7 ready for your desktop?
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    jamie said:
    PaoloM said:
    xp - eww.

    yes convice yourself of that - contrary to market numbers that show most prefer it

    * to dream.... the impossible ..dream .... (music notes etc )
    Fair comment Jamie.

    Is '7 enough to get people off XP? I can't answer that. Is improving alot of features radical enough now? I'm wondering if '7 needs to walk on water!.

    It's all evolutions in '7 ... perhaps it's a revolution thats needed?

    However, I prefer '7 to XP but that's just my preference based on no real fact other than it seems better performing in a lot of ways. This just proves the point that everyone will have an important killer reason to want to upgrade, Microsoft's challenge will be to communicate them. Upgrading cos XP is going out of support is a lame reason.