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View Thread: So in '7 ready for your desktop?
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    La Bomba

    jamie said:
    PaoloM said:

    but still - eww to describe your most popular product of all time?

    my shoes - yes ewww

    your shoes - not

    but xp?  thats not an ewww

    jamie said:

    xp - eww.

    yes convice yourself of that - contrary to market numbers that show most prefer it

    * to dream.... the impossible ..dream .... (music notes etc )

    Most prefer XP? Why don't you wait until 7 comes out before making that call. First you liked Win 7 now you don't? You're more confusing than raymond. Unfortunately there's more to an operating system than an "UP" button.

    Myself I'm running Windows 7 on my tablet, main desktop and Macbook. Very stable, very fast, kills Vista in terms of memory management and doesn't look all fisher price like xp.