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    Sven Groot

    jamie said:
    Mark Brown said:
    quick poll:  who here would eat any of that? really??
    (i liked the PIC not the food)

    ME = none of it


    Edit: ok ... RICE.  id eat the rice.

    I ate absolutely everything that was there (what can I say; I've been tought to finish my plate Tongue Out ). I'm not a difficult eater. There are things I don't like, sure, but very little that I won't eat. I draw the line at things that are alive (I've eaten insects, including grasshoppers and wasps, but only when fried), and things that could kill you (like fugu). In this particular case it was easy though, everything tasted great.

    I've even eaten natto, which westerners usually find horrid. If you talk to any Japanese person and mention you like Japanese food, they will almost always ask "how about natto?" because they know almost no one outside of Japan likes it. I didn't particularly like it either, it'll never be my favourite food, but if it's part of the meal, I'll eat it.

    The main thing that a lot of people have trouble with in Japan is traditional Japanese breakfast, which also consists of things like rice, miso-soup, fish and pickles (and indeed natto). Although I prefer some good old brown bread with cheese for breakfast, or maybe a Greek salad, I will eat what I get and not complain. Smiley

    EDIT: Jamie, it seems you approach food the same way you approach Windows; everything should be familiar and you're unwilling to give anything new a chance. Tongue Out