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    Mark Brown

    Sven Groot said:
    Ion Todirel said:
    Sure, although I'm bad at remembering names. Smiley

    On the left with the meat, tofu and vegetables is sukiyaki. A fire is lit below that so you prepare it yourself. Below that is a raw egg; break it in the bowl, and dip the stuff from the sukiyaki in the egg.

    Then we have a fish, I forgot what kind exactly. There are two ways to eat those: you can try to pick the meat from the bones (which is horribly complicated with hashi (chopsticks)), or you can eat the whole thing, including the bones, head and tail. That's how you're supposed to eat it, and that's what I did. I was the only one in our group brave enough to do that though. Big Smile

    Below the fish on the left is some mountain vegatable thingy (I said I was terrible with names Tongue Out ), quite sweet, very nice. To the right of that some pickles, a staple of every Japanese meal. To the right of the fish is caviar with some white stuff (can't remember), and below that some other vegetables which I also can't remember the name of. Wink

    On the right is tempura (various deep fried stuff, usually vegetables), and the green stuff is salt for the tempura.

    There's two up-side-down bowls. One is for rice, the other for soup. The soup itself is in the pot above the sukiyaki on the left (this also has a fire under it), that wasn't mine though, my soup is out of frame on the right. There was also sashimi, also out of frame.

    Of course, we drank hot sake with this; there is no better drink in cold weather. Smiley

    That's about it. Smiley
    Damn that meal looks good. HUGE fan of Japanese food. I'm very jealous. I've had very few meals where I've seen a meal with as many goodies as that on one table.