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    esoteric said:
    Lovely. Smiley

    I wonder if the Phoenix guys are thinking D'OH! right now. This approach looks quite compelling.

    There's been several interesting ideas introduced lately, some new, some not so new. The new TraceMonkey Javascript VM, working on the new idea of trace trees. I believe the researchers behind the idea applied this to Java as well and got a very high performance VM, comparable to the one of Hotspot, which has God knows how many man-hours put into it. Isn't it wonderful when new and simple ideas shatter old and complex ones? Beautiful code.

    Then there is SquirrelFish Extreme and V8 Javascript engines which both appear to be using some of the same techniques from the Self implementations - re/compiling to classes because most often, prototypes do have a fixed layout, even if they may be completely dynamic - adding and removing properties and methods at runtime.

    I love simple Smiley I'm also interested to know what the Phoenix guys think about these kind of ideas... but they might already know, since this was a paper that has been presented at POPL.