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    magicalclick said:
    If they make Zune Phone Touch, I would be interested. I personally think MP3 players should be replaced by cell phone. I don't like to carry many devices around. I like Zune FM radio and buy button, but I hope they can do HD radio and other stuff too. About SDK, I think it is pretty clear, one is for MP3 player, and one is for Pocket PC market, which platform is more attractive?

    Either way, it is hard to pick up Zune Phone's momentune, but I wish MS don't give it up too soon. I think Zune has a great potential, but, I still don't like the naming though.
    Microsoft is done, the Zune is done.  Over the past 10 years everything Microsoft has done is a massive failure.  Windows 7 is dead before it even hit the streets.  GNU/Linux is THE only choice in the world now.  Microsofts stock, plummet, Microsofts work force, Fired.

    Good night Microsoft.  The future is bright and you arent in it.