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View Thread: Linus Torvalds talks about Windows, Linux, KDE
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    dentaku said:
    rjdohnert said:
    "In every aspect of life you will have the proverbial "good guys" and you always have to have the "bad guy" everyone rallies against."

    That's the attitude I hate so much, that you HAVE to have a good guy and a bad guy (you're either on OUR side or the WRONG side kinda thing). It's an attitude that is most popular in American culture too and the reason why the I'm a Mac adds did so well. People just LOVE being told which side is good and which side is bad so they don't have to make any decisions for themselves.

    Did I say that was my attitude?  No, thats the attitude of most everyone out there.  I dont play the software wars thing.  I love everyone with the exception of Novell and Apple.   Personally, I find the Microsoft developers and Xandros developers to be the more professional.  But, I digress.

    The point being I agree, cant we all just get along.


    KDE 4.2 may be better, I personally have had alot of problems with that even but I think in one of the PDC videos, I think it was Chatanyas Intro to the Windows 7 Desktop, he made a comment that rings true.  When people use a product if the first impressions are favorable they tend to like the product if they arent favorable it will be hated forever.  My point with the KDE team is that they needed to have a longer beta testing process.  4.0 should never have been put out there for public consumption because people dont pay attention to that "For developers only" statement.  I dont do a public beta process for that sole reason alone.  When I released PC/OS 2008 last year I did my first and only Public Beta and I got so much hatemail.  One of the things I wrote "It wont install on the hard drive, dont try a HD install yet" I wrote this for the world to see.  I got tons of e-mails from users "PC/OS wont install to my hard drive, PC/OS sucks!!!!!"  I was trying to get Wubi working and it just totally mucked things up royally with the Installer that I had to fix it for beta 2.  Unfortunately KDE 4 was the introduction to the product and everyone hated it now the KDE team not only has to work at fixing the software problems, they also have to deal with the PR problems.