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View Thread: Linus Torvalds talks about Windows, Linux, KDE
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    corona_coder said:
    Gnome is the best desktop EVER. KDE just sucks and XFCE is stupid and nonfunctional. 

    I happen to agree with Linus.  The state of KDE sucks and its really bad when you take the #1 desktop environment, in my eyes anyway, KDE 3 and you totally screw it up.  The KDE team made the Vista mistake they didnt put enough polish on before they released it and look what happened.  

    IMO, the reason why Microsoft is not so popular anymore has nothing to do with the state of computing, it has to do with the size and the fact Microsoft is no longer the underdog.  In every aspect of life you will have the proverbial "good guys" and you always have to have the "bad guy" everyone rallies against.  In the nineties, IBM was the bad guy, in 2000 Microsoft has the title, in 2010 Apple will get the title.   A lot of XP users are really looking forward to 7 and with good reason to.  7 will be an awesome release for Windows users.  Actually, I do think Windows 95 was the last release that had this much anticipation.

    I really dont blame Linus for going GNOME, right now its basically 2 usable desktops GNOME and XFCE