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View Thread: Robert Hess has a new show on Channel 9!
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    Robert Hess

    joechung said:
    jamie said:
    Back in the day, the default background color on most browsers was gray, not white. Smiley
    Don't get me started on some of my "pet peeves" with web pages... not specifying a background color and "assuming" it will be white... naming html pages with a ".htm" extension... putting "sound" which automatically plays on web pages... using non-standard fonts... ooops... looks like you got me started :->

    With "The Knowledge Chamber" my intent is to try to introduce some of the general "interview" style I was doing on "The .NET Show", but in short segments of about 7 minutes or so. My initial focus is going to be on providing "prologues" to MIX09 sessions to hopefully help people get a better idea of what is going to be covered there. But I'll let this model evolve based on feedback from the viewers. I want to make the show different enough from the normal Channel9 interviews so that there is a clear difference between them.