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    longzheng said:
    PaoloM said:
    Jon DeVaan has a very extensive post on Windows 7 UAC on the E7 blog.

    There's a lot of information to digest. But in the end, Jon states

    "We are very happy with the positive feedback we have received about UAC from beta testers and individual users overall. This helps us validate our “regular people” focus in terms of the trade-offs we continue to consider in this design choice. We will continue to monitor the feedback and our telemetry data to continue to improve our design choices on UAC."

    which if I interpret correctly means as of the moment they have decided to leave UAC as it is in the Windows 7 beta.
    That e7 blog post totally and utterly missed the point. We don't want Windows 7's default setting increased to "Always Notify", all we want is to be notified when the UAC level is changed. Windows 7's default is perfect apart from the fact that any application can turn off UAC without the users knowledge.