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View Thread: The week in review for Sunday 2/01/09
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    This is my new Forum topic.  Every week instead of posting multiple days on multiple topics I will post only once every Sunday.  I will do what I call "The week in review".

    Steelers vs the cardinals.  I predict the steelers will win.  The Steelers are the Linux community, the Cardinals are Microsoft.  The Cardinals dont stand a chance.

    Microsoft to lay off 5000.  Red Hat has no layoffs, Apple has no layoffs.  Microsoft is having to cut its work force.  How soon before our beloved Channel 9 goes "off air" and all the staff wind up working at Red Hat, Apple or Google.  Only time will tell.  PaolaM will wind up at Novell working Under Miguel on Beagle

    The channel9 endorsed distro, PC/OS goes back to its "Be roots" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  The failure fails again.  rj doesnt stand a chance and PC/OS stands as much of a chance as Windows 7 being successful.

    Windows 7 UAC hacked.  I guess somethings never change.

    WORLD ALERT!!!! BREAKING NEWS!!!!! Jamie from Channel9 fame and a huge supporter of Microsoft is fed up with Windows 7 and Im sure he is contemplating a change.  Jamie, my suggestions, Mac OS X or gNewSense.

    KDE 4.2 released.  The worst desktop in the Open Source community gets a major update.  It still sucks, just not as much as it did.

    Next week Im sure we will have more news and more breaking news.  So until the day the FSF buys Microsoft and Open Sources Windows, I will be here.