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    Sven Groot

    corona_coder said:
    blowdart said:

    " I don't allow him to do anything here, rather the C9 owners and administrators allow him. You think if I had permissions I'd allow you to inflict your endless drivel here?"

    You encouraged it as did everyone else.  Yay for PC/OS, YAY for rj and then for no other reason then to spite me.  When if you had told him not to post competitor propaganda here he probably wouldnt do it.  You are either for one or the other, Linux or Windows I have never seen any fans of the two ever coexist and like I said I saw this coming.  If I had come in here preaching Windows I would be the forum hero.  Sorry blowdart everything everyone posts here is endless drivel but then again what can we expect from a bunch of softie wannabes who think their way to employment is through a fan forum.  I wonder who here would pass the whiteboard test?

    " As for not being smart; well I've never submerged my car, so that must say something. "

    Then my guess is you consumed large quantities of lead based paint when you were a child.

    if your child was playing with knives and cigarette lighters would you encourage that behavior?

    Time to lock this thread and let it and PC/OS disappear. Unless of course to spite me you plan to encourage rj some more.  Of all the cheers from the 9 crowd I wonder just how many of you have ever used PC/OS or even plan to buy it?

    If I had come in here preaching Windows I would be the forum hero.

    Uhm, no. Look at for example VistaWillShip and (to a lesser extent) Dovella. Fanboyism on either side is not welcomed here.