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    blowdart said:
    corona_coder said:
    We allow you. What's your point again?
    Blowdart, try to come back with all the clever meaning;ess babble of retort that you want.  You allowed rj to blog spam, you allowed him to post "news" YOU are responsible for his useless babble and now that you are attacking rj just shows how much of a bunch of hypocrites you are.  Besides the fact you arent that smart, you use Windows a sucky legacy OS to begin with, just shows how little class you have.  I have no love lost for rj or PC/OS but you want to know why he posts his crap here?  You guys encouraged it.  I guess its OK because he is on your side but now that he has seen a little bit of success, he has achieved in creating himself a niche, you people dont like it and now you are attacking him like a pack of rabid dogs.  I wouldnt be surprised if rj is banned and not too long from now.  Linux and Microsoft people cannot co-exist, erisan is a closet Linux user who never mentions it, BAS is a closet Linux user who doesnt mention it much and so is Jamie.

    so go ahead and keep attacking him, you brought it all upon yourselves and this chaos and mayhem just makes me jump up and down with glee for I forsaw this day coming and once again, corona_coder was RIGHT...

    I put in my preorder.

    Harlequin, in a way I was right.  People who supported Obama are now against him, his popularity and approval ratings drop by double digits everyday.  Obama was a bad choice, people are now seeing it.  If McCain was in office this economy would be THRIVING....