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    blowdart said:
    You know this is getting really spammish and COI loaded.
    You morons allowed it.  Plain and simple.  Everytime he has "news" on PC/OS he always posts it here and now you want to complain.  This just shows how unaccepting Microsoft is of Linux and the alternatives.  Hey Roberto, turn around knife goes in back.  Any good psychologist will tell you if you want to end bad behavior you stop it from the beginning.  if the rest of you werent fighting me all the time and encouraged him just to spite me PC/OS wouldnt exist right now, he would be here complaining about Windows 7 or the fact that Microsoft discontinued Wndows 2000.  We all know PC/OS is crap.  You are responsible for PC/OS so dont bother complaining about it now.

    vesuvius, he went from zero to #33 on Distrowatch in less than a year.  I will give him his props that is success the only other distro to do that in history was Ubuntu itself everyone else it took them over a year almost two to achive that.  He has built a brand around PC/OS and for some reason undeterminable by me people like it.  When the moonlight inaugaration plugin was developed the Linux community was testing it and on a forum somewhere I was reading what distros it worked with and I was surprised that more than one person listed PC/OS as one of the distros that it worked with.

    Now that I know rj is hated around here just as much as me I may buy PC/OS.