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    I LOVE the idea of a new way of opening the lines of communication between developers and the community.  This site has great potential.

    Organization of Content into Categories (Dynamic Search Folders)

    I do have a suggestion that I think would improve the site by an order of magnitude.  How about having some way to actually organize all the videos/posts/pictures into logical areas.  Content could exist in multiple areas, but it would make it easier for people to find the things they are interested in and talk about it.  If there is some discussion about the CLR, it would be great to see other discussions about the CLR.  If there is a discussion on what's wrong with markup languages, it would be fun to see some of the candid photos of Microsoft's web developers at work.


    It would be neat to allow us to personalize our own front page.  Maybe I like the things that one developer has to say.  It would be neat to login and see new posts from him or her.  Just personalization in general would be good.