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View Thread: Yup ... we gots bugs ... we gots things to do better
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    This is a big place, lots of participants and such, and much tacit knowledge already.  I admire what you are doing.

    About bugs, is there a place to report them?  I have a couple of usability issues, and I would be happy to use the mechanism for that if I could find it.  (You're not alone, I tried to report a MoinMoin bug and I was all over the map looking for the right place.)  So I am using this place, even if it is inappropriate.

    OK, my first problem is that the video windows render weirdly and as a result other parts of a page, especially down the right-side pillar are obscured.  I can view videos fine, but looking down a forum is awkward and there are things I can't read at all.  (The poll about "how do you like it here" was almost not readable, for example.) - I did a screen shot but don't know how to attach it.

    My second problem is a swiss-cheese problem with IE 6 on XP Pro, my firewall, and all of the technology I am sure you are proud to use.  I had to enable scripting here (my firewall defaults to no ads, session cookies only and no mobile code).  Now IE nags me constantly about allowing ActiveX on every page change.  For most sites I say no, for some I say yes. Unfortunately, unless I want to destroy the cheese, I can't do anything about that because IE won't let me site-specifically allow ActiveX unless the site is on a secure-transport connection.  You're not.  Most of the time declining to allow ActiveX works fine, because it is all about adware and rarely about content.  Here, I think the content doesn't work unless I say yes, but I hate having to do that constantly.  It is a bad habit.  You ask all of us to play nice and practice the 3S's or whatever they are, and then make content that forces bad habits. I'm sad about that. 

    As I said, I like what you are doing here.

    (You might guess what my answer to the do-you-run-as-admin question would be.)