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WoW beta??

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    I don't usually deviate from the technical topics.. but I am throwing out a line to all my tech professional brotherin.. if anyone knows anyone in blizzard, or vivendi that can get me in on the world of warcraft beta.. that would rock.. my friend is playing it and as it stands I have to wait until release to play along with him =\

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    Jeremy W

    Wondering when that post'll be deleted...

    I know several folk at Blizzard, including 2 in charge of the beta. It's basically a random beta. While they've invited a few people specifically (journalists), it's not standard practice for anyone to be singled out.

    You'll have a better shot putting your name into the beta pool than having me email them. A couple of times I've checked for friends to ensure that they were in the beta pool, but that's all I can do.

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    Good Luck !

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    Why would the post be deleted? I understand it's random, but they have given people on their forums beta, and are doing competitions, etc to reward beta. The problem with getting into the beta pool, is that the signup period expired about a month ago before I was aware. Either way this is worth a shot, since it's a trivial thing to do that would bring me a lot of joy =)

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    Jeremy, while you're at it.  Sign me up, too Wink

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