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The perfect browser: FF3 with IE7 UI plus other cool features

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    1 Install Firefox
    2 Install Adobe Flash Plugin from here
    3 Install the Vista-aero theme
    4 Install these extensions: Google Toolbar for firefox 5 (here), Glasser, Hide Menubar, Adblock Plus
    5 Open Firefox settings, click Tabs and then enable "Always show the tab bar"
    6 Open Google Toolbar settings, disable all buttons and tools but Translation and Bookmarks, go to Layout Settings and chose to replace the search bar and hide the toolbar
    7 Set this URL as the home page: chrome://google-toolbar/content/new-tab.html
    8 Enjoy and post a screenshot here because I don't have time to Sad

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    1) Install Firefox Minefield / Shiretoko (3.1+)
    2) ???
    3) Profit

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    I prefer Firefox's default look to be honest.

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    It's better with the Google Chrome theme

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    Bass said:
    I prefer Firefox's default look to be honest.
    I prefer the Qute theme, which was the official Firefox UI throughout the pre-0.9 betas. I guess they dropped it because it looked too XP-ish.

    But Qute was recently re-released for Firefox 3. I don't like Firefox 3's button images since they're too "thin" whereas Qute's are nice and solid.

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    I've been told to not install Google Toolbar on any of the machines for development. It has a known record of accidentially indexing websites that shouldn't be accessible to public.

    It shouldn't be matter if the website only has internal IPs, or has properly configured access control. But somehow if other programmers will ask you opinion on certain page, I simply couldn't make sure that the website is properly configured and has chance to expose things unintentionally.

    This issue had wreaked security hovac in a few companies in Taiwan, so I'd rather not take the risk.

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