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View Thread: Microsoft goes nuclear against Linux
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    lets see how does (charging for content)

    The simple fact is - people are broke, social netowrking = talk about news and stuff / blog... if "reputable sourses" decide to charge - other new one will take their place ... etc and onward

    it is like the music bus (riaa/pirate bay)
    and the software biz (bsa / linux free)

    google has the right model - free to us - charge companies.

    *as for linux - im sure many hope a utopian OS somehow - one day comes of it - for free.
    Everyone building it together.    March! (2,3,4)

    (patents are about trying to control the uncontrolable.  you cant download a couch. you cant watch eating (=you ineviably buy food)

    its all about bundling with devices (something ms is king at) .. but the software part is getting chisled out...
    so chisle them out!.. build your own XBOX, XBOX PC and XPhone.  ..all running  Tongue Out

    **  it is time to cut everyone out but ms - screw the pc industry - and release your own line
    (back to reaming companies instead of consumers! woo hoo! )  Wink

    (obamanomics 101)