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View Thread: Microsoft goes nuclear against Linux
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    Bass said:
    Sabot said:
    Well whatever, this is the first time I have ever met people who support software patents. I'm sticking with the Bill Gates opinion on the matter.
    Bass it is a little disrespectful just giving us the 'whatever' because we don't agree with you.

    The Open Source community has been very vocal in recent years, it doesn't mean however they are the majority. Please understand that software developers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, motivations, backgrounds, challenges ... and preferences. This means that one size cannot fit all. 

    There is enough room for Open and Closed source communities, we just have to work out a way that we can both get on with each other and benefit from each other to make the whole the development world easier because companies that make money from code aren't going away anytime soon and nor are companies that are happy to give it away but make their money another way ... and companies that do both.

    Just like we aim for interoperability between platforms, we should also aim to being interoperable in our communities. As basically, in these financially strap days we shouldn't decry anyone that wishes to make a buck as long as it's legal, decent and honest ... and fair.