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View Thread: Microsoft goes nuclear against Linux
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    This is sooooooo not Microsoft v Open Source it's laughable ! People are *****desperately***** trying to turn this into this battle but Microsoft are at pains to say it's not.

    Microsoft makes money and registers IP's to protect revenue.

    TomTom makes money and registers IP's to protect revenue.

    So I see this as two companies that disagree on patents and I'm sure there are plenty more companies doing the same thing all over the world from biology, chemistry, engineering to weaponary.

    If you have a good idea you would want to be the person that benefits from it. No point in being a brilliant inventor and not being able to feed your family or pay your morgage.

    So give some stuff away, don't be greedy, I get that ... but at least have the courtesy to acknowledge rather than take the whole idea as their own .... and sell it! ... which is what happen to my Open Source code, thats why I don't trust Open Source any more. It's for suckers. This is why there is a patent system and when IT matures it will get it why it needs this system too.