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    ManipUni said:
    Windows 7 Starter Edition is the worst product ever made... 
    I'd use Windows 95 before I used Starter Edition. The value add of Windows 7 is tiny anyway but when you contrast it against the value lost by the limitations imposed by these starter editions then you always wind up using something else. Linux, BSD, second hand Windows licence, pirated software, they all become better alternatives.

    So says the guy who lives in a first-world country who uses computers as part of his way of life.

    To even have a chance of understanding Starter Edition, you have to stop being so damned selfish and start thinking in terms of the poor farmers in northern Vietman who have every bit as much right to have their own computer and participate in the digital world as you or I do.  These aren't people who care about high resolutions, heavy multi-tasking, multiple CPU sockets or anything.  To most people who are in the target market for Starter Edition, the computers themselves would be far worse than what you'd be willing to use.  These are people who would be quite happy to have anything at all, but the cost of even Home Basic is too much.  We're talking multiple weeks of pay here.