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View Thread: Should we step up the video quality?
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    From a perspective of somebody who's gone to school for television production (I REALLY miss those days...) I personally like the low-budget look, per se. It adds a casual look to the videos, makes it look less staged, makes you and your subjects look like "real people we can relate to". Plus like you mentioned, it makes the subject feel more at ease with the interview, as it's easier to ignore a camcorder than a production portable unit (not to mention the pain of carting around the camera and associated lighting kit). Bottom line: you've got a good thing going there, there's not much I would change at all, and the cameras work, and work very well for the format of this site. Now, if you were doing something for a formal Microsoft-branded site, like the TechNet site or whatever, I would suggest some higher-end equipment. but I like it as it is!