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Figuring out data about my ISP's network from the hostname?

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    I was doing a tracert to my college's website (which refused to return any information after I went past the Dept. of Education's 'trade-router,') and I noticed this hostname after my router gateway's IP: []

    What I'm assuming here that loop0 is the subscriber line I'm connected to (possibly within residence? We have switches set up as well as a fiber optic link going out from the building), but I'm not sure about 49w or ba09 (which I am assuming could be the backbone.)

    Just curious. Smiley

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    You from Halifax???  Me too! Smiley

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    armbrat said:
    You from Halifax???  Me too! Smiley
    What do you want to know?

    There's no "standard" for how technical information would be encoded into a domain name like that...  there might be some rules that Bell Aliant is using when they construct those names, but you're going to have to guess at that unless you know someone who works as a network engineer for them.

    You can find out some neat information about who owns your connection from the IP address...  it should seem that the IP address block is owned by the Stentor National Integrated Communications Network, which (I'm guessing, as they don't seem to have a website) is a nationwide network run by Aliant (Aliant's websites also fall into that address range).

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    just a guess but i'd say that "loop0" maps a block of users -- like a range of ip's .0 to .255
    sometimes a single end gets a name but generaly not, think of how many they would have to keep up with 8-o

    dpending on what you want to know there are also things caled "ASN"  they are what routers use in moving traffic at big backbones.

    also as was posted the ip block tells a lot.

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