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View Thread: Non-Photon Space, possible?
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    RoyalSchrubber said:

    "Is it possible to create such space?"

    Interestingly enough most kinds of spaces in Topology do not use findigs from theory of electromagnetism as part of their definition...
    That said everything we know about physical world we live in is just working hypothesis or a theory - we still do not know everything, or more importantly - how four fundamental forces work. If you remove part of EM can you even construct space with other three forces? I think CS/IT forum isn't the place where one could expect to see a good explanations to such questions. Smiley

    Haha, cuz I wouldn't understand those people at all. I am a computer guy, so, I kind of thinking universe as codes.

    Like what if universe is like a 3D video game? I have so many models to plug-in. First I have an pure empty space, not even visual. Then I add geometries, still no visual. Then I fill the polygons, still no visual. And hit box. At this point, I consider a space with no light at all. Then I gravity, still no visual at all.
    Finally I add light calculation, still no visual until I add light.
    Then, I add air flow and other calculations to make it more realistic. etc.

    The conclusion is, it can be achieve in virtual world. Maybe it is possible in real world LOL.
    You probably think this is obscure as how I think bending time is ridiculous. (time doesn't even exsit in my dictionary).