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View Thread: Non-Photon Space, possible?
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    Photon is the medium for light waves. So, if we have a space without photon, we get a space that light will disappear? Is it possible to create such space? And is such space suitable for human if we apply proper presure, temperature, air, and everything else. Meaning, is it possible make a space that no light can ever exist, but we can still feel the object inside such space?

    And if it is possible, then, could there be resistance in such medium, the photon medium. Air, water, electric conductors all has resistance, meaning waves travling inside such medium limit its speed. My thought is, if we leave Earth, we can be faster than sound really easily. What if we are travleing inside a photon less space? We may be able to travle faster than light. Sure light is fastest, but that's inside a space filled with photon. What if we are in a space with no photon? Could we travle even faster?

    Note: also eleminate the propulsion techniqe travleing in space; it is just one of the ways to move. We may have other ways in the far future. Also no portal thinking, that's different discussion. Just thinking is it possble to travle faster in a photonless space.