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View Thread: Non-Photon Space, possible?
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    PerfectPhase said:
    magicalclick said:

    Think about it this way, your on earth and you microwave some popcorn.  You then jump in a space ship and head out into deep space at 0.9c and decide you want some popcorn, does the microwave still work?   If there was an ether for EM waves the the microwave would not behave the same, think doppler shift in air.  As it does work the same as on the earth one conclusion is that there is no ether....

    The best description I have for how light travels through space is to think of it as two waves at 90deg to each other, one wobbles vertically (electric), the other horizontal (magnetic) and out of phase. An  oscillation in the electric field generates an oscillation in the magnetic field, which generates an oscillating electric field so on and so forth, it doesn't actually travel through anything.

    Arggg, I think I am getting dumb. I can't reallly understand the whole thing about photon, the electric wave and magnetic wave. LOL.

    The problem is, when I view light as particle, when it doesn't need a medium. But to imagine light particle shooting here and there is kind of wierd. If sun is shooting light particles, that means matters can be turned into light? Like we convert electricity and whatever inside the light bulb to light? I kind of thought light is just a vibration, nothing more.

    And then, if I view light as wave, which would requires a medium to exist, like sound needs air. But then, we consider it can travel in a total void vacum space. Wouldn't electric wave and magnetic wave requires some kind of medium as well? What if we just haven't find the medium for those waves? Or wave can exist without any medium?

    I guess I have to reinvestigate wave. Maybe my interpretation of wave is wrong.