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    magicalclick said:
    Photon is a bad choice of word. Would you consider light (wave) travle in a spaces that is obsolutly nothing? When we said C light speed in a vacum, how do we really know there is nothing in there? What if light actually needs an medium (whatever that medium is called in the future)? Just like gravity. What if it is just another medium that we can't visualize or detect yet?

    That's my thought. What if there is a true vacum space that we just don't know yet? And maybe we can travel faster inside it without all those medium slowing us down. Just thinking of the possibility though.

    Think about it this way, your on earth and you microwave some popcorn.  You then jump in a space ship and head out into deep space at 0.9c and decide you want some popcorn, does the microwave still work?   If there was an ether for EM waves the the microwave would not behave the same, think doppler shift in air.  As it does work the same as on the earth one conclusion is that there is no ether....

    The best description I have for how light travels through space is to think of it as two waves at 90deg to each other, one wobbles vertically (electric), the other horizontal (magnetic) and out of phase. An  oscillation in the electric field generates an oscillation in the magnetic field, which generates an oscillating electric field so on and so forth, it doesn't actually travel through anything.