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    Bas said:
    CreamFilling512 said:

    Wolfram|Alpha isn't sure what to do with your input

    That's pretty much all I get from it. When I asked a question about CAT5e, it asked me if I wanted to know something about cats. Can't say I'm too impressed so far...

    For people saying that it's not providing the answers for your questions, like about CAT5e, seriously you have to understand what is going on.  The data has to be curated.  If you can find a database on cable specifications and get it curated, or do it yourself (eventually you will be able to do so according to Wolfram), then you will be able to query it.  You can't query data that doesn't exist in a queryable form.  Google doesn't query data on CAT5e either.  It just returns documents linking to the word CAT5e. 

    You have to be realistic.  The first step is understanding what the engine is doing.  The second step is patience for the day of actual release (it's only in beta!), the third step will be to add data to it.