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View Thread: Live Search completely broken?
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    Has anyone else foun that Live Search has been completely broken for the last few days?  Frequently the search resuts are just a blank page; or at times only found images are shown,; or zero results are found (wrongly) so a list of suggested searches is given, and clicking any one of these just delivers a blank page?

    This has happened for me for days now, with IE. Firefox, and Chrome, using, MSN toolbar, search box of the various browsers, etc.

    For example,
    I just now did a search for 'venus williams' (unquoted) and get a blank page all the time.
    If I search for "venus williams" I get two 'news' links but nothing else.

    The problem seems to only affect "Web" search.  News, Images, and Video search appear to work fine.

    The problem doesn't appear all the time.  I just now did one more web search for "venus williams" and got actual results.