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View Thread: Live Search completely broken?
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    magicalclick said:
    Only you. Mine is always fine and I just tested it. Meaning you may have got a virus. My bro got a virus that change Google, Live, and other search result of the link. It looks fine, but they are point to some junk sites.
    I don't think it's a virus.  All my computers are showing this behavior, and I have virus protection.
    Whatever.  I switched all my search engines to Yahoo and Google.  I don't have time to track down Microsoft's screw-ups.

    OK, I couldn't resist trying to track this down. Smiley
    In my investigation, I did searches from,, IE search box, and MSN toolbar.  I thought that I discovered that searches from worked, but from didn't.  And searches from IE's search box failed, while MSN toolbar mostly failed.  And the search query URL for each of these things is slightly different.  But I eventually came to the conclusion that it's random as to whether it works or not.

    Oh well.  I'll check this again in a month or so, and if it's fixed I might switch back to Microsoft's search.