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View Thread: A PC that surpasses a Mac's industrial design?
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    W3bbo said:
    maxzuck said:
    Sony's product matrix (or rather, product cube) is nightmarish to navigate and find the right product. They could really do with simplifying their ranges and eliminating excessive product IDs (for instance, the Vaio P comes in a number of colors, but each color has its own product ID even though the only difference is the paint job but the difference in color is also listed side-by-side with products that vary by preinstalled OS or CPU speed).

    Yeah I've seen even weirder things with VAIOs, like if you want a certain GPU upgrade you need to get the laptop in a certain color, WTF?

    Honestly this Dell just makes me want to get a Macbook, I could save money and get a laptop that's lighter/faster and probably even better build quality.  It's win-win-win.