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View Thread: A PC that surpasses a Mac's industrial design?
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    blowdart said:
    My problem is it's a Dell. I'm sitting here typing on a Dell M1530 which Dell will not issue new graphics drivers for. That wouldn't be so badm except the problem with the drivers is after a well UAC and login screens are blank - which makes it very hard to work on.

    This is my first Dell and the lack of updates and support and any response on their "community" site any time it's asked about combined with the Nvidia graphics chip fiasco means I simply don't trust them.
    Yeah I agree, Dell needs to die gracefully and another better company needs to replace it. They used DDR2 (not even GDDR2) for their 8600M GT when Apple and other manucatures used GDDR3. As a result my Aero is so choppy in comparison to the Asus series laptops with the 8600M GT...etc.

    Plus my plast is wearing out and cracking on all ends, and my laptop is only 2 years old....

    Oh and my motherboard died, and my 8600M GT graphics chip died as well.