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    Loadsgood wrote:

    Hey Jamie, I like the downloads page, but there are a few bugs in it...
     - The title says: "Channel9 Forums (logged in as: Jamie)". How about: "Channel9 downloads page" or something like that?


     - The RSS icons accross from "Channel 9 Community Downloads: Programs" and the other two, link to the correponding ForumGroups' RSS feeds on the forums.aspx page that you stole the boxes from.


     - The creme coloured background is 1 pixel to wide. If you look at the top nav bar and to its right end, you'll see it.

    i see it... cant fix it though

     - The style of the boxes arn't the same as Channel9's. Channel9 has that rounded light brown to dark brown colour where as your boxes are just dark brown.

    I also recommend having those little red squares before the title on each of those boxes.

    believe it or not i couldnt do this

    If I find any more bugs I'll tell you.

    if you want to try repairing that 1 pixel thing