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View Thread: Ballmer says tide has turned on Apple
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    Dr Herbie said:
    blowdart said:
    warning!  Car analogy starting in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

    In a recent radio program I heard a business analyst stating that the car market had dropped for the 'middle market' cars: people were either buying cars they really needed (cheap) or cars they really wanted (expensive).  The middle section of the market has been the worst hit.

    I think this is relevant to the PC\Apple markets -- Apple make products that people want which is why they will continue to pay over the odds compared to a PC, while netbooks provide the cheap end of the market.  Everyone I know is buying one or the other.

    You don't know me Herbie Smiley

    Net books have a few generations before I would buy one. Though I can see the draw for those who buy them. (concise web experience) It will be nice when I can code in VS on one without feeling like I am in a straight jacket. I think that will be handled in a year or two. Currently I am happy with the HP Multimedia Laptop I bought a few months ago.

    With Apple the draw is kinda superfluous. People buy their products for the image and/or the buzz factor. They do well during booms and are anemic during recessions.